INFORMATION on the current situation

Dear EIGHT-ON-Family

EIGHT-ON will open its doors again on 13 May 2020. Our concept allows us to offer personal training with 1:1 support.
Individual training dates can be arranged directly with Rouven via Mail or Telephone.
UPDATE: July 06, 2020
The trainings take place without equipment (except EMS-suits) training duration is 20min(EMS) or 45min(personal training).

UPDATE: August 05, 2020 The training plan is again available via our EIGHT-ON portal.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by mail or phone


We are very happy to welcome you again at EIGHT-ON!


Hygiene measures:

Before starting
Customers bring their own sports towel with them
The customers already appear in training dresses for training
Hands must be washed and disinfected before and after training
The customers always keep a distance of 2 meters to the trainer
There may only be 1 customer in the studio at any one time
The studio is ventilated and cleaned after each training session
The customers already appear in training dresses for training
The trainings take place without equipment
The customers always keep a distance of 2 meters to the trainer
WC and Showers
No showers may be used, only the WC
The WC is disinfected and cleaned by the trainer after each customer .

Use the power of Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to optimize your athletic performance.

We are the first in Switzerland to offer EMS in group training. We are located in the center of Basel and offer over 100 in- and outdoor courses per week. You don’t have to prepare or think about what to bring, we provide you with everything you need for the sessions, so that you can focus all your energy into your optimal Training.

What is EMS

Get more from your training: By means of electrical impulses, the muscle cells are specifically addressed and thus ensure activation of up to 90% of the cells. This is not possible in a regular strength training. Through this targeted response, a spectacular increase in performance is achieved: 20 minutes of training correspond to the performance of about two times two hours of normal strength training. Higher calorie consumption:In addition, you burn many more calories than in a normal workout.

Trial and Personaltraining


1 EMS Training

CHF 69.-



1 Personal Training

CHF 150.-


Personaltraining Single

Personaltraining as a team of 2

Our EMS subscriptions

10er subscription

3 months


CHF 69.– / training

20er subscription

6 months


CHF 59.– / training

40er subscription

9 months


CHF 49.– / training

75er subscription

12 months


CHF 39.- / training

Class overview


You want to get to know EMS training? You want to take it slow first? Then our beginner training is just right for you!


Are you suffering from back pain or do you have other weaknesses or complaints? In contrast, a targeted buildup of your muscles helps. This works perfectly with the Back & Co Training by EIGHT-ON.


You want to get in shape or just build muscle? You want to get fit for everyday life? Then you are in good hands in the EMS strength group training.


Do you want to lose weight and burn fat? Do you want to improve your stamina and strengthen your cardiovascular system? Try out the Functional EMS Group Training Fatburning. You will never want to exercise differently.


Do you sit in the office the whole day and do you not feel like spending your training indoors after work? No problem, EIGHT-ON also offers outdoor training when the weather is right.



Do I have to be fit to start EMS training?
We offer personalized training for everyone, regardless of current fitness and training condition.
How often can I train with EMS?
The recommended training frequency depends on the individuals training condition and goals, which you set up step by step together with your EIGHT-On Trainer.
I do not want huge muscles, is EMS training still for me?
Definitely! With EIGHT-ON, the training is individually adapted to you and your goals.
Is EMS training dangerous?
No, with the proper guidance of a qualified and trained trainer, EMS training is not dangerous.
If I want to start EMS training, what should I do?
Make an appointment with us in EIGHT-ON: make an appointment
What is functional EMS training?
Functional training combined with the latest wireless EMS technology. This combination maximizes your training success!
What happens if I do not like the EMS training?
All customers in the EIGHT-ON benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee!
What is included in the all-round service?
All our members receive a free EMS track suit of the newest generation, towels during training, and towels for showers. A water bottle, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, and coffee à discretion is also included.
Does EMS work against cellulite?
Yes, in conjunction with a healthy diet, the skin structure is visibly improved after even a few training sessions!
Can I lose weight with EMS Training?
Definitely! The EMS training strongly stimulates your metabolism. During an intense workout, up to 800kcal are burned in 20 minutes.